Belgium braces for national strike chaos

Belgium braces for national strike chaos

Belgium risks coming to a virtual standstill Monday as the biggest national strike for years grounds all flights, halts public transport and severs international train links in protest at the new government’s austerity policies.

All flights to and from Belgium will be grounded for 24 hours from late Sunday as air traffic controllers join a nationwide strike against the new government's austerity policies, a union warned Friday.

Workers at Belgocontrol, the state-owned firm that manages Belgian air traffic, would "totally support the nationwide strike," CSC union official Kurt Callaerts said.

"Nobody will work," he added, as the union said the government's plan to save 11 billion euros ($13.7 billion) over five years "has consequences for everyone."

No planes are due to land at or take off from airports in Brussels, Charleroi, Liege, Antwerp and Ostend for 24 hours from 2100 GMT Sunday, according to the official quoted by the Belga news agency.

The strike will not affect planes flying over Belgium at more than 7,500 metres (24,600 feet) as they are monitored by Eurocontrol and will not have to change their flight plans, a spokesman for the Europe-wide air traffic management organisation told AFP.

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